MoldWorks® is the premier 3D solid-based mold design application that delivers innovative, intuitive intelligent design tools for the injection molding industry.
  • Incorporates process-specific knowledge of moldmaking in CAMD (Computer Aided Mold Design) software.
  • MoldWorks' intuition is the result of combining expert knowledge with automation and associativity.
  • Delivers levels of productivity that dramatically outperform traditional moldmaking an affordable price!
  • Provides time-to-market gains of 2-1 or better!

The dynamic preview of the initial mold base and related components significantly reduces the design time from the onset. Then with MoldWorks’ complete and “truly” associative parametric mold base, engineering changes are a breeze. The user can modify a give plate, component or the entire mold base effortlessly. MoldWorks intuitive intelligence will propagate the requested change throughout the complete mold. This functionality alone saves users hours of re-design time. To further shorten the design process, MoldWorks automatically creates the 2D drawings of the plates and dimensions them while maintaining complete associativity, thus, leaving other products far behind.

With over 15 Commercial Component Libraries (DME, National, Progressive, Futuba, etc.), MoldWorks offers MORE libraries that any other product.

MoldWorks provide the ability to easily create the following:

  • Standard and Non-Standard Mold Bases.
  • Initial mold base estimation.
  • Unlimited ability to use and create user defined parts.
  • Import mold bases created with other CAMD packages and have the ability to utilize the data.
  • Component wizard to add standard and non-standard components i.e. Ejectors, Ejector Pins, Screws, Dowels, O-rings, Slides, Lifters etc.
  • Heat Exchange module to create cooling cycles from 2D and 3D sketches with collision checking, automatic components and part boundary extensions.
  • The Runners & Gates module creates runners from 2D/3D sketches with dynamic preview, includes choice of profile, w/o sinks and extensions, by sketch, path or segment. Gate types are added directly or to the runner system sketch by selecting a point, the system creates the gate by finding the cavity in any chosen direction.
  • Automatic ejector trimming.
  • Modification of any aspects of the mold even after completion, and automatic downstream of the corrections.
  • Automatic 2D plate drawings.

MoldWorks delivers "TRUE" intelligence. Contact your SolidWorks Reseller to learn how MoldWorks can provide you with a return on your investment within 3-6 Mold Design Projects.

Burco Precision Products, Inc.
Speeds Upfront Modeling Time

Cool Polymers, Inc.
Shortens Mold Design Process

JK Mold Design
Uses MoldWorks to Slash Design Lead Times

Quality Tooling, Inc. (PDF)
Improve Mold, Tool and Die Design

See the MoldWorks Data sheet for additional information.

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